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Legal notice & Privacy

Informative note in accordance with Art. 13 of the Italian law 196/03 (c.d. Privacy Law)

This site is prepared and maintained by Mark Medical S.p.A. The content of this site is protected under applicable copyright and trademark laws. This site is for informational purposes only. Mark Medical makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of the information provided. Mark Medical shall not be liable for any damages or injury resulting from access to, or inability to access, this site or from reliance on any information contained in this site.

Personal data collected directly and/or through third parties by the controller Mark Medical S.p.A., are processed in printed, computing and telematic form (also in e-mail form) for the performance of contractual and lawful obligations as well as for the effective handling of business relations, also for future use.

The non-submittal of data, where not compulsory, will be evaluated from time to time by the controller and the resulting decisions to be made will take into account the importance of the required data in respect of the business relation management.

Data may be disclosed, strictly in accordance with the above-mentioned purposes, and consequently processed, only in relation to the said purpose, by the other subject:

  • our agents organization
  • factoring companies
  • banks
  • credit recovery companies
  • credit insurance companies
  • business information companies
  • professionals and consultants

In relation to the same purposes, data may be processed by the following classes of executors or processors :

  • marketing division
  • commercial office
  • accounting office
  • buyers office

The data subjects may exercise all the rights set forth in paragraph 7. of Law number 196/2003, including the rights of data access, updating, objects to data processing and cancellation. Of course in case of commercial transactions between the parties, we must retain certain Company information for our record keeping purposes as requested by financial law.

For exercising the rights as per Art. 10 Law 196/03 you can contact the data controller:

Mark Medical S.p.A.
via S Michele, 334
phone: +39-0481-21711
fax: +39-0481-20719